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Other Livestock Shows

 Arlington FFA usually tries to attend one "jackpot/buckle" show in the fall and the Arlington Heights Winter Classic in the spring. These shows will give the students an opportunity to win banners and buckles and is also great practice as we gear up for major stock shows. 

If a student would like to participate in any other show that Arlington FFA will not be attending, the student will be responsible in transporting the animal. 

Below will be listed other shows in the fall, spring, and summer that students  may participate in. The FFA Advisors get e-mailed flyers that they will then post in the below area.


Sept. 2 & 3 Allen Labor Day Blowout Trey Polster 9/5/2017 728 KB
Kaufman Klassic Sept. 16th Trey Polster 9/5/2017 913 KB
Glen Rose Jackpot Sept. 16th Trey Polster 9/5/2017 1326 KB
Colton Bently Memorial Sept. 16th Trey Polster 9/5/2017 1546 KB
Jack County Sept. 23rd Trey Polster 9/5/2017 1260 KB
Clifton Prospect Show Sept. 30 Trey Polster 9/5/2017 1337 KB
Krum Goat Clinic and Show Oct. 7th Trey Polster 9/5/2017 78 KB
Oct. 14th Canton Show Trey Polster 9/27/2017 202 KB
Oct. 14th Sabine in Longview Trey Polster 10/11/2017 217 KB
Oct. 21 Golden Fest Trey Polster 9/11/2017 213 KB
Oct. 21st Granbury Young Farmer Show Trey Polster 9/27/2017 281 KB
Cotton Belt Classic Oct. 28th Trey Polster 9/5/2017 3149 KB
Oct. 28th Alvord Steak and Chops Trey Polster 9/5/2017 703 KB
Van Jackpot Oct. 28th Trey Polster 9/5/2017 3828 KB
Oct. 28 Campbell Showdown-Rabbit Show Trey Polster 10/12/2017 292 KB
Campbell Showdown Oct. 28th Trey Polster 10/4/2017 291 KB
Nov. 4th FUN Show Trey Polster 10/11/2017 437 KB
Battle on the Brazos Nov. 4th Trey Polster 9/5/2017 3059 KB
Bell County Holiday Classic Nov. 4-5 Trey Polster 9/5/2017 2009 KB
Live Like Johnny Nov. 11th Trey Polster 9/14/2017 327 KB
Chico Nov. 11th Trey Polster 9/12/2017 1511 KB
Nov. 11th ARK-LA-TEX 4 State Show Trey Polster 9/27/2017 390 KB
Nov. 11th Robinson Show in Clifton Trey Polster 10/11/2017 282 KB
FALL SHOWDOWN McKinney Nov. 11 Trey Polster 11/1/2017 106 KB
Joshua Winter Classic Nov. 12th Trey Polster 9/14/2017 275 KB
Nov. 18 Bryson Cowboys Classic Trey Polster 9/29/2017 277 KB
Lonesome Dove Nov. 18th Trey Polster 10/17/2017 331 KB
Greenville Gobble Wobble Nov. 18th Trey Polster 10/25/2017 258 KB
Clifton Young Farmers Nov. 18 Trey Polster 11/1/2017 306 KB
RRV Classic Paris Nov. 18th Trey Polster 11/1/2017 384 KB
Decatur Buckle Show Dec. 2nd Trey Polster 10/20/2017 1024 KB
Whitesboro Dec. 2nd Trey Polster 10/20/2017 100 KB
Dec. 2nd Midlothian Cement City Classic Trey Polster 11/25/2017 337 KB
Bill Dyer in Denison Dec. 9th Trey Polster 11/8/2017 379 KB
Dec. 9th & 10th Denton Winter Classic Trey Polster 9/27/2017 423 KB
Celina Fall Classic Dec. 9-10th Trey Polster 10/20/2017 294 KB
Winter Buckle Holiday Classic Dec. 9-10th Trey Polster 10/26/2017 898 KB
Dec. 9 & 10 Denton Winter Classic Trey Polster 10/26/2017 423 KB
Van Alstyne Winter Classic Dec. 9-10th Trey Polster 10/26/2017 812 KB
Wolf City Dec. 16th Trey Polster 11/6/2017 363 KB
Kaufman County Dec. 17th Trey Polster 9/5/2017 2697 KB



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