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Market Broiler Info

  • Breed: Cornish Rocks
  • Must purchase 25 broiler chicks per pen
  • You will choose the best 3 out of the pen to show
  • Each chick costs $2 so you will spend about $50 per pen
  • You will order these for the Tarrant County Show through Ms. Howe in November
  • Broilers may be kept at the ag barn


Fancy Chicken Info

  • You may show any breed of chicken you want
  • You will show these individually and you may show as many as you would like
  • You may find a breeder or you can order fancy chickens through Ms. Howe
  • Ms. Howe will be putting in an order through Ideal Poultry on Sept. 28th if you would like to purchase your chicks through her, please look on the Ideal Poultry website for the breeds that they offer
  • The chicks can cost anywhere from $3-$6 each
  • These birds must be kept at your house


Other Items You Will Need

  • Chicken Feeder and Waterer- about $15-$30 each, can be found at Tractor Supply or a feed store
  • Heat lamp- you will need to find a heat lamp to keep your poultry warm in the barn
  • Shavings- you will need to supply your own shavings at the barn and change them out daily. Shavings are $5 a bag most places
  • Chick Starter- You will need to feed chick starter with a protein percentage of at least 22% for the first 2 weeks, Ms. Howe recommends a medicated feed with 24% protein for best results
  • Grower or Layer Feed- After the first 2 weeks, broilers will need to be fed broiler grower feed and fancy chickens will be fed layer feed


Please contact Ms. Howe with any additional questions you might have!

Cell- (325) 232-1366   School- (682) 867-9588   Email- 

If you intend to show poultry, please join the Poultry Showers remind
Text @atownps to 81010


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